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dream diary

a gap here, inappropriate or forgotten dreams


i'm on a bus than then transfers into being inside of a grocery store, bus stops turn into isles.
showing my friend from long ago and her father my sketchbook.
we're talking about an old show about fairies and he's a teacher.


i'm putting a small cowlike plush outside trying to get a cute picture.
our friends online are arguing over stolen art.
i have a lot of school work to catch up on.
something at a school.
building and army of girls with orange skin and red hair.
being in a house, a flag, different ways of eating.
being at a stall outside of a strange school at a train station with my father and buying strange ice cream.
i want to buy a cinnamon candy cane to take home and share.


i'm being escorted to a lab by someone with a gun, i know him.
when we get inside i start talking about how i wish i wasnt always in so much pain.
it feels like there is another me in the lab.
my body shakes and my teeth clench so hard that it bleeds.
my ball joints come loose.